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A Complicated Jigsaw

The most recent brigade team at Colomoncagua was certainly cause for great anxiety.  It was our inaugural brigade for our new Honduran Brigade Team.  Half of the team, Laura and Paul, were in the States for a brief vacation.  The brigade itself was completely new to Shoulder

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Tangrams and University of Rochester

What does an ancient Chinese game called Tangram, the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, the University of Rochester, and thirty primary school educators have to do with sustainable development in the rural, isolated communities of San Marcos de la Sierra?  Everything. No one knows how many millennia

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Culture and Convenio

Many years ago, I ran cultural exchange programs in Puerto Rico. Carmen Judith Nine Curt, a Puerto Rican educator who specialized in cultural, non-verbal communication, often offered training in cultural differences. One afternoon, I sat next to a team leader. At a particular point in the presentation,

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