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December 2021:

FIRST Global shares the story of our Regional STEM Center from our team members’ perspective

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September 2021:

National newspaper coverage of U.S. Embassy role in content development for the IADB tablet grant.

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August 2021:

Local news coverage of IADB grant tablet deployment with Dick Buten interview.

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July 2021:

Local news highlights our agreement with World Vision to provide tablets for their scholarship students.

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World Vision shares highlights of the event and deployment.

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July 2021:

The IADB and Japan promote technological platform in rural areas of Honduras

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March 2021:

Dick Buten visits Camasca to Inaugurate the Regional STEM Center.

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March 2021:

U.S. Honduras Embassy remarks on the inauguration of the recently built Regional STEM Center.

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October 2020:

Learning Equality celebrates National Teacher’s Day and highlights our frontera teachers from their visit.

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November 2019:

Honduran TV station highlights positive elements of StS’s Bilingual School.

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November 2019:

National newspaper, La Prensa, writes about StS’s Robotics team in International Robotics Competition.

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October 2019:

HCH: National news congratulates our FIRST Global team’s return and international placement!

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October 2019:

Local News station welcomes back our FIRST Global team from Dubai after winning 15th place!

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September 2019:

HCH: National news highlights FIRST Global team to help raise funds for travelling.

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September 2019:

Local News station highlights our FIRST Global team preparing for the competition in Dubai.

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September 2019:

Learning Equality celebrates National Teacher’s Day and highlights out frontera professor, Disney Mendoza.

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August 2019:

Dr. Richard Buten writes about CREE — Regional Center for Educational Excellence.

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January 2017:

Shoulder to Shoulder announces that fourteen high-school students from Camasca and Concepcion will form the FIRST Global robotics team. Seven of the fourteen will be chosen to compete in the FIRST Global International Olympic Cames in Robotics. This is a great event for increasing attention and promotion on Shoulder to Shoulder’s mission in education on the Frontera.

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March 2015:

Historic agreement signed between the Universidad Nacional Autónomo de Honduras (UNAH) (National Autonomous University of  Honduras) and the Municipalities of San Marcos de la Sierra y Yamaranguila.

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March 2014:

La Tribuna (Honduras) features a retrospective on Shoulder to Shoulder’s health and education impact in Intibucá.

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April 2013:

President Wayne Waite receives Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award from University of Dayton Law School for his work with Shoulder to Shoulder.

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January 2013:

University of Minnesota Masters of Nursing student Anna Terry describes her research of hypertension prevalence in Concepción in Minnesota Nursing Magazine.

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September 2012:

Executive Director Dr. Emily Harrison Receives Humanitarian of the Year Award from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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Special thanks to Chiquita

Shoulder to Shoulder recently met with representatives from Chiquita Brands, LLC in Cincinnati to convey our deep appreciation for their years of assistance and of goods and services donations. We’re proud to share their video about our work together in Honduras!  See video here

March 2012:

University of Wyoming’s Report on Brigade Safety

March 19, 2012
“The Wyoming Brigade just returned successfully from Honduras.  The most traumatic experience was the Miami Airport (plan on 3 hours to get through customs upon return!).

For future brigades: we felt no security risk and felt very comfortable with S2S staff with special thanks to Marvin and Maggie who were outstanding.  Honduras is a wonderful vibrant country with very friendly people.  We see no reason for Brigades to be any more concerned about security than in the past.”

Ron Iverson, MD, FACEP
Chairman Department of Emergency Medicine
Wyoming Medical Center
Casper, WY

Winter 2012:

Dr. Emily Harrison publishes in Brown Medicine Magazine

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Winter 2011-2012:

President Wayne Waite featured in Dayton Magazine for his work with Shoulder to Shoulder

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June 2011:

ADA and Shoulder to Shoulder Dentists colaborate to form Developing World Dental Policy

Dr. Larry and Dr. Jan Tepe work closely with the American Dental Association to develop policy for dental care by dentists from the US. Read the article

Fall 2010:

U of West Virginia Brigade Fall 2010

The University of West Virginia, an affiliate of Shoulder to Shoulder, services a very poor and remote area in northern Honduras called Ocote Paulino. Read their brigade report!

November 2010

Honduran Cardinal Rodriguez Visits Cincinnati

Cardinal Rodriguez visits Cincinnati in support of the partnership of Good Shepard Parish and Shoulder to Shoulder in our project to further education in Intibucá. Read the article!

Letter of Support from Cardinal Rodriguez

The Cardinal visited Cincinnati in suppport of the partnership between Good Shephard Parish and StoS in furthering education in Intibucá. He writes: “It is a pleasure for me to participate with your proposal to construct a bilingual school in Concepción, Intibucá. Intibucá is one of the neediest areas in Honduras. Shoulder to Shoulder has made great strides bettering the health care in several of the most isolated communities such as Santa Lucia, Magdalena and Concepción.” → Read the full letter

March 2010:

Johns Hopkins Honduras Trip Reflections  ( or how to you eat an elephant? )

“I always think of an old adage when faced by seemingly impossible odds of success like the current socioeconomic status of this area of Honduras. It’s the question—How do you eat an elephant, does anyone know how to do that? You simply eat an elephant ‘one bite at a time’.” – Dr. Ed Zuroweste, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine → Read more

Shoulder to Shoulder’s Strategic Plan for Comprehensive Health Care for the Frontier

This proposal has the potential to demonstrate improvement in access to vital services for the people who live in the municipalities of San Marcos Sierra, Concepción, Magdalena, San Antonio and Santa Lucia within 60 months, beginning March, 2010. → View proposal

February 2010:

Imaging Technology News Highlights Shoulder to Shoulder’s Radiology and Telemedicine Technology

Digital Imaging Delivers Modern Medicine to the Developing World (2/23/2010)
Radiology IT Explores New Frontiers (2/4/2010)

February 2010:

University of Wyoming Hoofprints Newsletter

A group of 19 students and faculty from the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing (FWWSON) and physicians from UW and the family medicine residency programs traveled to Honduras in November 2009 for the School’s fourth brigade with S2S. → Read the newsletter

January 2010:

Matthew Malek describes his work as a researcher and community health volunteer with Shoulder to Shoulder to the University of Rochester Medicine Magazine.

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Winter 2010

UNC physician describes her S2S visit in American Academy of Family Physicians Magazine

Martha Carlough, UNC physician describes her recent trip to Santa Lucia with Shoulder to Shoulder in AAFP’s winter 2010 newsletter.


Dr. Jeff Heck receives prestigious award from the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine

heckIn May of 2008 Dr. Jeff Heck, Executive Director of Shoulder to Shoulder, received the Society for Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) 2008 Gabriel Smilkstein Memorial Award at the STFM Annual Spring Conference in Baltimore. The award is given annually to honor a member of the STFM community whose work exemplifies that of the late Gabriel Smilkstein, MD, in furthering the development of family medicine education throughout the world. The following is Jeff’s acceptance speech.

If it was easy, someone else would have done it a long time ago. This is the unofficial motto of the three dozen or so family physicians who make up the corps of the physicians who have dedicated their time, effort and resources to make Shoulder to Shoulder a successful organization that has made remarkable progress in reducing poverty and improving health, nutrition and education in some of the poorest areas in the world. The challenges are great, but as family physicians, they know how to work shoulder to shoulder with nurses, dentists, engineers, anthropologists, teachers, lawyers, firefighters, builders to improve the health of the community. Adept at working in teams and aware of the value of relationships, they have partnered with the leadership of towns and villages where few resources are available and built a socially responsive, sustainable program. To family physicians it should be no surprise that after nearly two decades of this team effort Shoulder to Shoulder has accomplished much. There are now 13 academic health centers that partner with communities providing a vast array of services and because they return year after year, genuine change has occurred in the health status of the communities involved.

Most of the family physicians working with Shoulder to Shoulder are also teachers and have done their work together with medical students, residents and junior faculty. Over the years, nearly 1000 learners have volunteered their time to work with their mentors. By helping, learning and reflecting during short term volunteer efforts, these learners have experienced the generosity and stamina of poor communities discovering or re-discovering the joy of the healing arts and the personal enrichment that comes from applying your profession to helping those in need. I have observed this many times and believe it is the second mission of Shoulder to Shoulder. It is our antidote to the disaffection with the business of medicine and the balm for our easily acquired cynicism.

So on behalf of the family physicians, specialty doctors, dentists, nurses, firefighters, lawyers, CEOs, teachers, community leaders and builders that make up Shoulder to Shoulder, thank you for the honor of awarding us with the Gabe Smilkstein award in 2008. It is my hope that we will continue to deserve the honor bestowed on us by the STFM.

Jeffery E. Heck, M.D.
Executive Director, Shoulder to Shoulder