The Borders Are Closed

The impact of the novel coronavirus is being felt around the whole world.  In Honduras, it is having many negative consequences.  Today, I will write about one aspect:

The Borders Are Closed

The micronutrient supplement that StS provides to almost 3,000 children is called Chispuditos.  It is manufactured in Guatemala, and shipped to Honduras.  The factory makes the product once per year (each November) and it has an expiration date of the following November.  We have been waiting for the batch that was produced in November 2019 — so that we could distribute it during the quarterly visits the mothers make to their local health centers.  That would have been in April, July, and October 2020.

However, due to the coronavirus, Honduras shut down its borders to all traffic coming in from neighboring countries.  Therefore, the product did not arrive in March, as expected.  Now, we are hearing that the borders might not be opened until June.  We are hopeful that the Chispuditos will arrive in time for our July distribution.






Home delivery of Chispuditios.

If this does not happen, we will be in the difficult position of needing to figure out a new plan.

We are most appreciative of all the assistance our loyal supporters (YOU) give to this nutrition project.  There is nothing more important than working to improve the health of the youngest, and most vulnerable, babies and children in Honduras.

Thank You!

Laura Manship

Executive Director