Historically, the people of Intibucá have suffered from terrible dental health. More than simple cavities, many people have lost half their adult teeth by age 20. Toothaches are the number one reason children stay home from school, and oral infections can lead to serious emergencies. Dental necessities we often take for granted - toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss - are often considered luxuries to families struggling to feed themselves and their children. The water in the area does not contain natural fluoride to prevent decay, and chronic malnutrition fosters dental disease.

Board members Jan and Larry Tepe oversee our dental program. With their help and long-standing support from dedicated contributors, we offer dental clinics in both Santa Lucia and Concepción. Through their annual brigade, the Tepes have been able to help train and strengthen local dentist's abilities. The doctors at our two clinic sites are named below.

      • Dr. Idalia Ramos, Concepción Dentist
      • Dr. Floricia Amaya, Santa Lucia Dentist
Dental Tepes Clinic Brigade
Drs Larry & Jan Tepe, Dra. Idalia Ramos

Dental Services in the Santa Lucia and Concepción clinics have been privatized since 2017. Yet, the Health Department employs dentists who are located in local health centers -- in Colomoncagua, Concepcion, Santa Lucia, and Camasca. These dentists also visit communities to offer check-ups for pregnant women and school-aged children.

Our Honduran dentists and dental assistants provide a wide variety of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. The offices feature dental x-rays and computerized dental records and tooth charts. In addition to the work done in the clinics, we operate a prevention program in. This consists of a dentist visiting a school three times per year to apply fluoride and screen children for needed restorative work. The children are brought into the clinic for any needed procedures.

Dental Brushing Students

Want to Help?

A donation of $50 treats one child's dental needs for an entire year. This provides students with ongoing education programs for oral health, annual checkups, all needed dental work, fluoride varnish applications three times a year, and a toothbrush. Simultaneously we run teacher and parent education programs to instill proper dental health as children's role models.

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