Where We Serve

honduras_mapShoulder to Shoulder implements and manages health care services for over 69,000 Hondurans in the rural department of Intibucá. Currently, Shoulder to Shoulder operates 7 primary health centers staffed by a physician (CESAMOs), 9 staffed by a nurse (CESARs), and 3 Child and Maternal Health Clinics (CMIs). We also have several Primary Care Teams (EAPs) which support 3 affiliate clinics at Pinares (Virginia Commonwealth University), Guachipilincito (Brown University), and Agua Salada (University of Wyoming). int Health centers listed by municipality:

  1. Camasca:
    • Camasca CMI
    • Camsca CESAMO
  2. Colomoncagua
    • Colomoncagua CESAMO
    • San Miguelito CESAR
    • Santo Domingo CESAR
    • Santa Ana CESAR
  3. Concepción:
    • Concepción CMI
    • Concepción CESAMO
    • Jiquinlaca CESAR
    • Guajiniquil CESAR
    • Agua Salada Affiliate Clinic
    • Guachipilincito Affiliate Clinic
  4. Magdalena
    • Magdalena CESAMO
  5. San Antonio:
    • San Antonio CESAMO
    • Santa Teresa CESAR
    • San José CESAR
  6. San Marcos de la Sierra:
    • San Marcos CESAMO
    • Las Delicias CESAR
    • Pinares Affiliate Clinic
  7. Santa Lucia:
    • Santa Lucia CMI
    • Santa Lucia CESAMO
    • Santa Rita CESAR