About Shoulder to Shoulder

In 1990, Dr. Jeff Heck of the University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Department in collaboration with the people of Santa Lucia, Intibucá began providing health care services in rural Intibucá, Honduras. This work became Shoulder to Shoulder, a private, non-profit, non-governmental organization. In a spirit of collaboration and empowerment, Shoulder to Shoulder and local community leaders also formed Hombro a Hombro, a grassroots, community-based, non-profit NGO registered in Honduras since 1996.

Shoulder to Shoulder and Hombro a Hombro depend on its philosophy of working shoulder to shoulder. We have developed a robust network of donors and partners who are committed to the health, education and well-being of people threatened by cyclical poverty. Our partnerships are not limited to the United States. We work shoulder to shoulder with the Honduran Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, municipal governments, local civic and religious organizations, and Hondurans of goodwill and commitment. Over 4000 visitors from the US and other foreign countries have visited us to share in our mission.

In its 30+ years of service Shoulder to Shoulder has expanded its territory, now encompassing the municipalities of Santa Lucia, San Antonio, Magdalena, Camasca, Colomoncagua, Concepción and San Marcos de La Sierra in the southern, rural area of Intibucá, Honduras.


Our Organization Structure

In 2008, Hombro a Hombro (HaH) signed a 'convenio,' or contract, with the Honduras Ministry of Health to provide basic health services to 36,000 people in Intibucá. In April of 2015, the 'convenio' was extended to cover 2 additional municipalities (7 in total), a total coverage area of over 69,000 people. Now with a greater responsibility to the community, the organization made a decision to divide its services between the two legal non-profits HaH and StS in 2015.

Shoulder to Shoulder (StS) focuses on education, dental health, clean water, nutrition and brigade programs connecting the Honduran community with donors and volunteers in the U.S. Hombro a Hombro (HaH) focuses on being a third-party servicer of government clinics and healthcare, providing health education to communities too. Yet, StS and HaH work in tandem, achieving a single mission to implement and operate equitably accessible, sustainable services - together with our communities. Together we seek to address the needs and uplift the isolated communities in the Southwestern Intibucá region.

Shoulder to Shoulder prohibits discrimination in employment, educational programs, and activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference