Stock Donation Information

Donation of appreciated stock is a great way to maximize your support of Shoulder to Shoulder.

If you donate your stock directly to Shoulder to Shoulder, you can avoid tax on the gains, and because StoS is a non profit, 501c3 organization, we do not pay taxes on the gains. This can effective increase your donation to StoS up to 20% at no cost to you. Great way to leverage your support.

When contemplating a stock donation, please use the information below to make the transfer.  It is vital that you inform us of your intention because we are not able to determine where the stock transfer originated due to banking privacy laws.  You need to tell us that the stock is being transferred and information such as the company and roughly number of shares. This will enable us to credit you with the donation.

The value of you donation will be determined by IRS regulations. The value of your contribution is determined by the closing price of the stock on the day it reached our account.

Stock transfer information:
Shoulder to Shoulder
Fifth Third Bank
Account 011- 658502
DTC Number 0226

Contact Laura Manship for more information: