Our Staff

Our dedicated professionals serve the health and education needs of over 69,000 people in the rural, southern section of the Department of Intibucá, Honduras. Our employees commit themselves to our mission and work hard to empower local leadership.

Leadership Team


Visiting brigades from our affiliated universities and other organizations in the United States come down to offer their medical services on a regular basis. This department assures that their visits are productive and safe for all those involved. New brigades are welcome. Learn more.


  • Nelly Milla, Scholarship Program Coordinator

Nutrition Program

Education and Development Department

Good Shepherd Bilingual School

Our bilingual school in Camasca is a public school that is operated under a unique partnership arrangement with Shoulder to Shoulder, the Honduran Ministry of Educations, and the Mayor’s Association of the seven municipalities of the Frontier Region of Intibucá.  English speaking volunteers are also assigned at the school for three months to one year placements.

Click Good Shepherd Bilingual School to learn more about the school.

Center for Educational Excellence (CREE)

Click CREE  to learn more about our technology and education programs.

Health Department

By far the largest department, we have almost 100 people working hard to run our 22 clinics and additional health services across the Frontera.

Permanent Physicians
  • Dr. Rolyn Marquez, San Antonio
  • Dr. Martin Velasquez, Concepción
  • Dr. Luis Adalberto Berrios, San Marcos
  • Dr. Madelin Alvarado, Magdalena
  • Dr. Melissa Ordoñez, Santa Lucia
  • Dr. Alan Martinez Garcia, Colomoncagua
  • Dr. Nataniel Martinez, Colomoncagua

This department also includes nurses, health promoters, pharmacy staff, lab technicians, data entry specialists, receptionists, and other supportive staff.

Dental Department

Dental Services in the Santa Lucia and Concepción clinics have been privatized since 2017.  The dentists provide preventative and restorative dental services. These dentists also operate a preventative oral health program based in schools across the region.

  • Dr. Idalia Ramos, Director and Concepción Dentist
  • Dr. Floricia Amaya, Santa Lucia Dentist

The Health Department also employees dentists who are located in local health centers — in Colomoncagua, Concepcion, Santa Lucia, and Camasca.  They provide preventative and restorative services to pregnant women.  These dentists also visit communities daily to offer check-ups for pregnant women and school-aged children.