Our Staff

None of our work would be possible without the dedication of our staff. Our employees commit themselves to our mission and work hard to empower local leadership. Meet them below and click on their envelope to email them

Administrative Team

Laura Manship - Executive Director

Minsis Ramos - Assistant Director

Mariela Rodriguez

Mariela Rodriguez - Communications Coordinator

Nutrition Program

Brigades Program

Gisela Ramos -Program Director

Sandra Gomez -Program Coordinator

Gustavo Meza -Brigade Coordinator

Iris Giron

Iris Giron -Community Development

CREE: Education Program

Richard Buten, Ph.D - StS President

Oversees and Leads CREE efforts

Edelberto Andino - Information Technology Director

Alex Reyes - Educational Advancement Assistant

Henglyns Lemus - Robotics Coordinator

Bilingual School


Iris Villanueva - Educational Advancement Consultant

Scholarships Program


Nelly Milla - Program Coordinator