Brigade Quote: Proven Record

Shoulder to Shoulder, Hombro a Hombro, has been a positive experience in my life….All of us learned, some were frustrated because of the immense poverty and big problems. I kept saying, Rome was not built in a day…” STS is a proven record…you will never be sorry about the time or money you invest in the health of the people from Honduras.”
Julio Aponte, M.D., Cleveland Clinic

Brigade Quote: Academics and Epidemiology

Academically, STS offers a great venue to expose U.S. students to a systematic manner for value-added data collection on rural public health. Epidemiologically, the data can be used in the present, reviewed retrospectively for high caliber work because of the high quality of reliability in STS’s survey and collection methods. STS’s contribution is invaluable…[it] offers a wide and far-reaching impact on those that it comes in contact with.” Edwin Galan, Clinical Assistant Professor, Silver City Health Center – KU Health Partners

Brigade Quote: Passion

Shoulder to Shoulder exemplifies passion for helping the residents of Southwestern Honduras achieve their goals and greatest desired potential and empowers through encouragement and support for a healthy tomorrow. STS is life, love, and laughter!” Jessica Olingy, Nurse Practitioner