Giving Tuesday Update

We want to thank YOU for joining the global celebration of generosity during last week’s Giving Tuesday campaign. We are excited to share that with your help we raised $3,600 and GlobalGiving matched your donations, giving a grand total of $4,873 ($1,100 for education, $1,100 for scholarships and $1,400 for nutrition)!

In 2024 we will continue impacting our communities and:

  • expand robotics and STEM education to preschoolers and youth
  • provide more scholarships and graduate low-resource high school students
  • give more eggs to children at risk of malnutrition

In this last month of 2023 we express gratitude for your continued support to Shoulder to Shoulder and the communities we serve. Thank you for sharing your light, passion and kindness.

We wish you all happy holidays and may your wishes for 2024 come true!


Shoulder to Shoulder team

Thank You for Supporting Student like Antonio

Dear Donors,

Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts on this past July Bonus Day! We shared with you Antonio’s incredible quest to return to school and keep studying in our bilingual high school track, which included him selling his cell-phone to buy school supplies.

We are ecstatic to report that with your help we raised $4,625 and GlobalGiving matched $1,859 – summing our campaign total to $6,484! We, like you, are astounded by Antonio’s perseverance and maturity as we have seen him grow through the years in our bilingual education program (see photo). All of your efforts will continue to support students, like Antontio, who are benefitted by our education and bilingual track program.

Many thanks for your support in our campaign! We could not have done it without you.

Antonio’s Trade for School

Meet Antonio, a colegio bilingual track student. When the pandemic hit in 2020 he dropped out. Yet, I often saw him walking back his classmates from school – he stood out without a uniform. I did not think much of this, but on our director’s most recent trip she reported Antonio had returned to school! Nervous, but confident he sought our director to talk and she was surprised at how much his English had progressed. Antonio shared that he returned to study even after doing remedial classes and being put a year behind his peers. A school administrator also chimed in how Antonio had SOLD his phone to pay for his uniform and supplies. 

We could not believe how a teenager had persevered through so many setbacks and was still able to choose over and over again to keep studying. Antonio realized the value in continuing his bilingual education every time that he walked home with his peers.

That is why we need your help to raise funds for our education program to support students, who like Antonio may face many adverstities in our region, yet choose to keep going.

More than ever your donation means so much to us.

In solidarity,

Mariela Rodriguez

Comunications Coordinator