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Familiarity Breeds…

Aesop is credited with the first use of the idiom ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ as the moral in the fable The Fox and the Lion. This past week I pondered that adage as each morning I drove out to the small village of Guachipilincito to pick up a

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A Child's Valuable Lesson

His name is Valentino (yes just like the bygone, heart throb, movie idol).  These days, he’s hanging out with the second graders at the Good Shepherd Bilingual School.  He’s only six and the other children in the second grade classroom are seven or eight.  But he’s tall

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Pickups and Bubbles: An Elusive Measure

Let’s see.  Twenty-three participants, eleven translators (four were leaving on that day, so there were four extra in the morning), two brigade coordinators, and two drivers, I think that is thirty eight.  Okay so maybe it was thirty-seven or thirty nine, I didn’t actually count.  The Virginia

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