Sponsorship FAQ

Below, you will find the parameters of our program in the format of frequently asked questions.  We have organized the sponsorship program in such a way that it will be of maximum benefit to you and your sponsored child.
If you have any additional questions after reviewing this page, please do not hesitate to contact us (Laura Manship at paulandlaura@shouldertoshoulder.org).

How does my monthly gift support my sponsored child?

Does any of my money go directly to the child or the child´s family?

What makes my child eligible for sponsorship?

Am I the only sponsor for my child?

How long will I sponsor my child?

How frequently will my sponsored child and I communicate and how does this work?

In what language will the communication occur?

Will I receive reports on my sponsored child from Shoulder to Shoulder?

May I send my child a gift?

Is it possible for me to visit my sponsored child?

With whom do I communicate if I have a question, concern, or commentary?