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Contribution Methods

We welcome donations by check, credit card, ACH transfer, and stock or bond transfers.
To donate by check, please mail to:
Shoulder to Shoulder
Pohlman & Talmage CPA’s
3445 S Dixie Dr #200
Dayton, OH 45439
It is very helpful if you include your email so we can send you a receipt.
An ACH transfer is a direct transfer from your Checking or Savings account. This method is especially beneficial should you elect to give a recurring donation as we incur only a 1% fee from the transfer, as opposed to 3% fees with credit cards.
Your bank information is not stored by Shoulder to Shoulder. Your security is important to us.
Here is an example of where the Routing and Account number is placed on you check that will be needed during the checkout process.
check for ACH
Thank you for your generous contribution.
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