Unofficial Honduras Packing List

This is only a guide!

The trip from the airport is sometimes in transportation with A/C, sometimes not. You will sleep in dorms, bunk beds or in tents, check with your brigade leader. There may not be screens in the building where you sleep, so a mosquito net might be good if bugs like you. The food is safe, but simple. There are snacks that can be bought in town like soda, cookies, chips and the like. We have filtered water but be careful with brushing teeth and opening your mouth in the showers. Please tell us if you have even a hint of GI upset, antibiotics do wonders. Depending on which community you stay in, the nights will be about 60-70 F and the days near 85-100 with rain often in the afternoon or evening from May - November. The rest of the year December-April is drought season with lots of dust. You will need Honduran money to buy things. I would exchange no more than $50 or so, ask the brigade coordinator where to exchange. There are often women in each community that will do laundry, ask the brigade coordinator.
Here are other things we suggest on your packing list:

Practical Items 

  • A-MUST: Water bottle with your name on it, or easily identified 
  • Passport and copies of passports (store separate from originals)  
  • Batteries for your gadgets etc. AA’s are available there, nothing else 
  • Clothing line, if you do your own  
  • Small flashlight, we prefer LED headlamps. Electricity goes out often. 
  • Rechargeable battery- take long to recharge, but useful for long-term volunteers 
  • Plastic zip bags to keep passports and electronics dry. 
  • I bring one credit card and about $100, but only spend about $10.  
  • Old luggage or hard plastic as it will endure dust and water. Luggage is transported on top of buses and in pickup truck beds  
  • Phones sometimes work, depends on your service and the alignment of the stars. Do not take your phone provider’s word for it, they have no idea about Intibucá. 

Clothing (comfortable, casual, wicking, not too revealing) 

  • 1 or 2 small plastic grocery bags to give dirty clothes to the laundry ladies 
  • Scrubs, if desired during clinic days  
  • Shirts, # depending on length of stay 
  • Two pairs of shorts, no shorts in clinics. 
  • One pair of long pants. Locals only wear long pants.  
  • Sweat band or small towel 
  • Good socks  
  • Good walking shoes required, Hiking boots optional,   
  • Teva’s or just flip flops for the showers, evening lounging 
  • Light jacket or sweater, best with changing weather/altitude 
  • Hat for the rain and sun 
  • Rain gear, poncho (only during rainy season May-November)

Personal Care & Hygiene 

  • Contacts supplies 
  • Toiletries (conditioner is not readily available)
  • Toilet paper, a SMALL roll or travel Kleenex – Bathrooms often don’t have any paper 
  • Eye drops (artificial tears) for dry season, if you suffer from dry eyes 
  • Lip balm  
  • Sunscreen 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Both towels and linens are supplied – extra towel is nice, sheets if want to bring own  
  • washcloth, soap 
  • Ear plugs/ blindfold if snoring or light bothers you 
  • Bathing suit although locals don’t wear them (or shorts/tank)

Professional tools (if applicable) 

  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Stethoscope
  • oto-ophthalmoscope 
  • Medicines – Refer to new ARSA regulations

Illness Prevention 

  • VERY basic 1st aid kit (band-aids, gauze, tape, tweezers, pain meds) 
  • Personal medicines 
  • Mosquito net, if you get bitten easily 
  • Bug lotion 30-50% DEET is the best 
  • Cipro or other antibiotics for diarrhea, diarrhea treatment 
  • Antihistamines if you suffer from allergies 
  • Medicine if you suffer from motion sickness, there will be lots of curves during drive 

Comfort Items 

  • SMALL travel pillow if you are particular. We have pillows. 
  • Popcorn, power bars, Nutella, or any other snacks you like 
  • Books or reading material, if you like for the evening. Sunlight is 12 hours. 
  • Translation book, Spanish 
  • Personal journal 

Have a great time!
Old time traveler