A Scholarship Helps Two Sisters

By Mariela Rodriguez – Communications Coordinator

During my recent trip to Honduras I was able to talk to some youth from our scholarship program and I wanted to share a story about the impact of your commitment to our student’s education in rural Intibuca, Honduras. 
Meet Eva, she is an eight grade student who was cheery walking into the office where I met her. Eva and her older sister have been raised by a single mother- which has presented her family with many difficulties. However, her mother has made the education of her daughters a priority.
Eva's brightening smile

Eva’s older sister is in high school, which means that there are more educational expenses (books, supplies, transportation, etc) for the family. If Eva was not receiving help from the Shoulder to Shoulder scholarship program, her mother would only be able to afford to keep one of her daughters in school.  Instead, the added financial support from Eva’s scholarship allows two sisters the ability to study.

Eva also shared how she experienced trauma early in her young life which has left her with emotional scars. She also suffers from a respiratory illness which often lands her in the clinic for the day – causing her to miss school. Despite all of these obstacles Eva has been able to maintain good grades and is motivated to keep studying just like her sister. She thanks the donors who are able to make her scholarship a reality and allow her and her sister to study, helping them come closer to graduating. 

Thank you for your time and commitment to our project!

Fundraising Campaign End Updates

By Mariela Rodriguez – Communications Coordinator

Scholarship student and mother

Scholarship student and mother
2 weeks ago, you played a vital role in our participation of GlobalGiving’s Little by Little fundraising campaign. By joining 21 fellow donors both our nutrition and scholarship program received your support.
In total you raised $1,547 and with GlobalGiving’s help we received $448 in matching, totalling $1,995!!
  • Hens Hatching Hope, our nutrition project received donations totalling $368.
  • Our Scholarship project received donations totalling $1,627.
Thanks to your help we’ll be able to provide a year’s worth of eggs to 3 children and a year-long high school scholarship for FIVE students!
No words can capture how much your generosity means to the children and youth that we serve in Intibuca.
Thank you for reconnecting with Shoulder to Shoulder and helping create big change!

With gratitude,Shoulder to Shoulder

Investing in our Scholars

By Mariela Rodriguez – Communications Coordinator

Robert, Yeimy and their family

Robert, Yeimy and their family

As a new school year is quickly approaching, we reflect on our students’ accomplishments in 2022. With your help, 19 scholarship recipients graduated from high school in 2022. We are excited to have another generation of youth who are reaching their goals and defying the odds to finish their secondary eduations.Another great accomplishment in 2022 was our partnership with The Christine Merveil Never Back Down Foundation whose mission it is to sponsor underserved youth with vocational skills training, entrepeneurship education and establishing microbusinesses. Our first scholar recipient, Robert, received funding to cover barber training and equip him with materials to open a shop. His sister, Yeimy, was also selected as a recipient and is currently in beauty school.

Additionally, Shoulder to Shoulder provided the siblings with funds to renovate a business work space. Together, these two siblings are sharing a business to help support their family — which includes their single mother who cares full-time for a handicapped sister.  Meanwhile, Robert continues to study on the weekends! We are happy to stand behind their family and believe in these two youths’ abilities, equipping them to build a brighter future for themselves and their family.

Click here to watch a video of this exciting collaboration.

We cannot wait for what 2023 will have in store for our students and this new partnership. We thank you for choosing to support and believe in our youth.