Equipped to Finish Strong

We are nearing the end of another school year with our students! Our program continues to support each participant as we wish them well in finishing strong.

Our program coordinator, Nelly Milla, conducted a second distribution of supplies to each high school right before Honduran independence day festivities started (September 16th). Students who are in their last year of high school received assistance in professional attire or specialized tools (see image) to complete their internships and be elegible to graduate. Our students expressed being very grateful to receive all of this help. We share with you three students’ words of gratitude:

    • “I want to be a successful professional and I want to say thanks for the support that you are giving me. It has been a tremendous helpĀ to my family … infinite thanks to that noble heart of yours.”
    • “This scholarship has been a significant gift for me and my heart is full of happiness for what you do, that is why I wanted to share my gratitude.”
    • “Thanks to your support, I don’t have to spend as much time worrying about the costs for school. Instead I can focus on my studies and take utmost advantage of the opportunity that you have given me.” [Student M – see image of parade]

We will soon declare success as another generations of high school students graduate — thanks to your continued support

Student M during Independence Parade
Electricity Student with Professional Supplies