The LEGO Gift that Keeps Giving

One year ago, donors Sally and her students, sorted, packaged and sent LEGO kits down to Honduras.

With their support, we assisted our regional LEGO teams in preparing for that year’s competition. Since there were kits still remaining in 2023, our team had an idea. They released an announcement to our learning comunities — We would accept formal requests and the kits would be gifted, in order of submission!

Our hope was to increase accessibility of LEGOS to a region with limited resources, and simultaneously grow interest in STEM education. There was such a positive response that we had to close the submissions. Among the beneficiaries were elementary schools, preschools, worship communities and high schools. Everyone was so excited as the majority of the kids and youth had never interacted with LEGOS. Nevertheless, we received may pictures of smiling students. We were most amazed by the creations of the smallest hands, our preschoolers, that we decided to include 5 teams in our 2023 Regional LEGO competition!

Sally and her students’ generosity has truly been a gift that keeps giving. It has given access to a world of robotics and STEM education to communities with limited resources, including some very small hands.

We will have more details on the LEGO competition for GivingTuesday, November 28th. Mark your calendars and check your inbox for Shoulder to Shoulder’s email! 

More to come!