Registration Process

This page is designed for our Brigade Leaders and Participants who are in the process of finalizing their brigades to Honduras. If you would like to learn about Shoulder to Shoulder brigades in general, please visit our main Brigade Page.
Currently scheduled brigades appear on our Brigade Calendar.

How to register a NEW Brigade:

  1. Brigade Leaders contact Laura Manship at to begin the process. Laura and the Brigade Team in Honduras will determine the needs of your brigade, the optimal clinic location for your brigade to volunteer, on-site costs, scheduling, and other details. Once your desired dates are secured, Laura will add your brigade to the Brigade Calendar.
  2. A quick and easy leader’s guide can be found at Service Trip Leader’s  Guide.
  3. Review the Brigade Leader Handbook and ShoulderToShoulder_Evacuation Plan.
  4. For medical brigades, submit your Medication Order form StS (updated Oct 2022) one month prior to your brigade.
  5. Direct your brigade participants to this page to register for your Brigade as soon as possible!

How to register as a Brigade Participant:

  1. Fill out our Travel Application.
  2. Read the Visitor Policies.
  3. Read and electronically sign the Waiver of Liability.
  4. Pay your Brigade Fee no less than 30 days before your brigade.
  5. Review the Unofficial Honduras Packing List and pack any other needed supplies.
  6. Print and take the Customs Letter with you if you are bringing any supplies or equipment.
    1. For Medical:   letter to customs – medica y nutricion
    2. For Educational:   letter to Customs – educacion
  7. Review the Visitor – Volunteer Handbook October 2018 for more information about your brigade!

Please note, no one will be permitted to travel with Shoulder to Shoulder without completing all the steps above.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining a brigade that is already scheduled, please email Laura Manship at If you would like to speak over the phone, message Laura to schedule a call.