Giving Tuesday Update

We want to thank YOU for joining the global celebration of generosity during last week’s Giving Tuesday campaign. We are excited to share that with your help we raised $3,600 and GlobalGiving matched your donations, giving a grand total of $4,873 ($1,100 for education, $1,100 for scholarships and $1,400 for nutrition)!

In 2024 we will continue impacting our communities and:

  • expand robotics and STEM education to preschoolers and youth
  • provide more scholarships and graduate low-resource high school students
  • give more eggs to children at risk of malnutrition

In this last month of 2023 we express gratitude for your continued support to Shoulder to Shoulder and the communities we serve. Thank you for sharing your light, passion and kindness.

We wish you all happy holidays and may your wishes for 2024 come true!


Shoulder to Shoulder team

Fundraising Success

Our participation in the week-long Little by Little campaign has successfully come to an end. Thanks to you, we were able to hatch more hope for families like those whose story we shared – twins, Rosa and Daisy and working mother, Lucia and her children.

You helped donate $960 and thanks to GlobalGiving’s matching we received $330, bringing us to a grand total of $1,290! 

Their families continue being among the first to show up for our wellness checked and egg distributions. Within the context of the community, this small action means a lot. That is why we advocate for each egg that we give – because not only are eggs packed with nutrition, but also a story of resilience. 

We appreciate you believing in our work and the importance of our program in participants’ lives. Shoulder to Shoulder thanks generous donors, like you, who join our efforts.

With gratitude,

Mariela Rodriguez

Each Egg Secures a Meal

We are halfway through the Little by Little campaign week. Thanks to GlobalGiving, when you donate up to $50, your generosity will be matched at 50%. Our goal is to raise 20 – $50 donations, each donation will provide half a year of eggs to a child. Each egg is so important and helps secure a meal to our participants.

Meet Lucia, she has 5 children of which 2 are in our program. Her family struggles to keep up financially with the growing bellies in her house. Lucia works in the community by watching and cleaning houses whose owners are away. She is one of the first to arrive at the monthly health check-ins and egg distributions. Lucia shares that it is so important for her family to come every month because there are days when there is little food in the house – except for the eggs provided by StS. Despite their food insecurity, Lucia is very creative in her use of eggs in daily meals: cooking pancakes, baleadas, soups and more.

Little By Little, your act of kindness makes a BIG difference in the lives of our Hens Hatching Hope children. Help us reach our goal of 20 – $50 donations to benefit more children for half a year. Each egg secures a meal-a day for 1 child. We cannot accomplish our goal without you.


Thank you for your time and generosity,

Mariela Rodriguez

Communications Coordinator