Tablets Meet the Textbook & Technology Gap

Dear Donor,

With classrooms open full-time for the first time since the pandemic, teachers are excited to resume use of tablets with students. Why? Because 1 tablet helps meet many needs. Among a few… It ensures textbook access in communities that often do not get any. It increases student’s comfort level with technology, preparing them as professionals. It allows students to work at their own pace and supports professors like Mr. Lidio (pictured above) who teaches 22 students, from all 6 grades, simultaneously in one classroom.

I remember talking to a teacher who did not use a computer until attending college in the city. They lamented not feeling as ready as their peers to complete assignments and projects. This was a huge motivator for why they wanted to use technology with their own students – to improve the cycle. Your support will help us equip teachers like these, with a vision for their youth. Today, as we partner with GlobalGiving your donation can go even farther as donations higher than $100 will be matched. Thank you for helping to bring 1 more tablet to a classroom and placing it into the hands of a student to succeed and grow.