Twin’s Favorite Food

This week, we are excited to campaign together with GlobalGiving during the Little by Little Campaign. With just $50, we can provide half a year of eggs to 1 child and our goal is to raise 20 – $50 donationsPLUS from today until Friday, GlobalGiving will match online donations up to $50 at 50%, making your donation go even further! Together you will help get eggs to even more children for half a year!

We share with you a story of twin sisters that highlights just how much one egg a day means to our program participants. Meet Rosa and Daisy, they are twin sisters to a single dad. Earlier this year their mother unexpectedly left the family, taking with her two of her four children. The twins were devastated and lost a lot of weight, yet their dad was determined to keep them healthy. He asked for help from two of his nieces in caring for the twins. Each niece cares for and knows all the preferences of one twin. They are among the first arrivals every month because the twins only eat “eggs, rice, beans and tortillas.” With the help of the eggs Sts gives them, the twins have been gaining weight after the trauma of losing their mother. 

No matter what challenges we or the children in our Hens Hatching Hope program face, positive change is possible Little by Little when we all come together. We are determined to continue helping children like Rosa and Daisy grow. That is why we are writing to you this week. Can you help us get half-a-year of eggs to more children? 


In High Spirit,

Mariela Rodriguez

Communications Coordinator