Growing Alongside Us

Each of our projects in Honduras provide individuals with opportunities…  

to learn, to grow, to improve their futures, and to believe in themselves.  

Our Hens Hatching Hope program is wrapping up its third year. When we first started, we were not sure if we would get past year one. We have truly been amazed at the support over these crucial years of growth. And we wanted to share a story of someone who has grown alongside us.  

Meet Leonor, a woman who joined our endeavor back in 2021. She received a microloan to start a hen farm and provide eggs for the program. However, Leonor was determined to do things well. She began observing a difference in the productivity of her hens. And so, Leonor began to separate her hens into 2 coops – by age to ensure a continuous variety of laying and growing hens. This key detail has grown her hen business tremendously! And with her success Leonor started additional small businesses:  

One, selling hens to community members who seek her out.  

Two, selling fresh baked bread and  

Three, a small corner store. Additionally, Leonor is passing on knowledge of hens to her daughters, who help with the farm.  

Our Hens Hatching Hope program has had a double impact to the women who receive a microloan to start hen businesses in each community and to the children receiving eggs. We are grateful for your continued commitment to Shoulder to Shoulder’s mission and programs.