Igniting the Reading “Spark”

By Minsis Ramos – Assistant Director

We are pleased to tell you about a NEW CHAPTER in our book of continued commitment to foster reading! As our education team continues trekking towards providing a wholesome education for our students, we created a partnership with Proyecto Chispa or “Project Spark.” This non-profit in Honduras focuses on providing books to schoolchildren and preparing teachers to engage creatively with their students.

Chispa training; trainers in 2 corners

Together with the Department of Education in Intibuca, we provided training sessions for 120 teachers. Our Chispa partners covered topics like how to motivate students to keep reading a book they’ve already started and how to foster imagination by asking children to think of alternative book endings. Many teachers not only received the benefit of passing this knowledge on to their students, but also to their own children as many of them are parents too. One teacher mentioned how this initiative complements the digital books already available in Kolibri. Adding how her students come from low-income backgrounds who “couldn’t allow themselves to buy a book, yet in Kolibri we have a great diversity of books. [I am] very happy to utilize this teaching method in my classes.”

With the conclusion of this training we have begun preparing our schools for this year’s reading contest as we create excitement amongst the professors who can then ignite the “spark” onto their students.

Until the next chapter!