“Laura the Robot” Shined in Dubai

By Alan Ostrow – Mentor to Team Honduras

“Laura” Team Honduras’ Robot

The 3rd Annual FirstGlobal International Robotics Competition just concluded its Dubai competition. I am pleased to share the following:

  • Team Honduras’ final rank was 15th out of 190 teams in the world.
  • We were the #1 team in all of the Americas  (from Alaska to Argentina).
  • We won a Silver Medal for the Non-Technical Judges Award. There was no explanation given, but experience tells me that the Judges found Honduras to be a role model team.
  • We made it to the Semi-finals which means we were one of only 4 alliances left in the world to make it that far.
  • Our final record was 7 wins and 2 losses.

Alan’s Interview in Dubai

Team Honduras has competed in this International FirstGlobal Robotics competition for 3 years.  Overall, the Team has a record of 16 wins and 7 losses — which I am sure, places them in an elite class of teams.

There is certainly a lot to be proud of.  One of the things that impressed me most was that they discovered problems with the machine, when they were in Dubai, which could have knocked them out of contention.  But instead of giving up, they worked their way through the problems and built a champion.
They showed a lot of composure and character in the heat of competition.
It was a pleasure to work with Team Honduras.

William in Traditional Honduran Clothing

William in Traditional Honduran Clothing