Meet the Smiling Faces of StS

On my trip to Honduras at the beginning of December, I was struck once again by the SMILES I encountered.  I don’t just mean that the Hondurans are smiling at me.  I mean folks are just generally friendly, to everyone they meet.  Paul used to always say “Life is all about relationships.”  I often did not understand what he meant.  In my “super busy, get it all done now, life” I hardly could find time for relationships.  And yet, in Honduras, it seems that people do realize the importance of relationships.
Why is this important?  Because at the end of the day, when we reflect upon our lives, the thing that is going to stand out will be:  what were your relationships like?  Were you genuine?  Did  you give of your time?  Did you take the time to really see people? Did you smile?
I love this line:  “The one who dies with the most money is not the winner.”  Well, then, who is the winner?  In my humble opinion, it is the one who has made a difference in the world, through their relationships with others.
As we watch 2020 come to a close, maybe it is a good time to ask:  Have we made a difference?  Are we paying attention to our relationships?  Is there more that we can do?
To celebrate the end of 2020, I thought it might be nice to show the SMILES of our Honduran staff.  See photo above.  These are the folks who actually do the work, to make Honduras a better place.
Laura Manship
Executive Director