Our Team is Back From Geneva

After two days of travelling back to Honduras and recovering from jetlag, our FIRST Global team is basking in the great competition that they underwent in Geneva. As many of our students have never even travelled outside of our department, the new environment, the stress, and the excitement put our students’ focus to the test – and even our mentors’. Even so, their motivation to excel ignited their minds. 

When our robot experienced some hiccups, the team quickly used their skills to modify “Richard” and continue fighting on the playing field. Our mentors Alan, Alexis, Henglyns, Nora and Minsis all were there remind our students that while winning is our objective, there is so much learning and growing that happens along the way.

Our team received, once more, the FIRST Global award in safety, given to teams that exemplify safety standards on the field and in their pits. And secured spot #6 in America and #2 in Central America! 

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We are grateful to all the support from our Shoulder to Shoulder team, from donors – both US and Honduran, and from local Honduran government.