Hearing From Our Mother Hens

By Mariela Rodriguez – Communications Coordinator

Mothers and their children

Mothers and their children

With every egg that is given, we see a child grow. Yet, the program is successful because the mothers come to a monthly appointment where their children are weighed and measured, and then they receive eggs to cook at home. Our “Mother Hens” are an essential part of our project. We recently interviewed a group of mothers to hear how they felt things were going.  Here are some quotes from the mothers:There is reliability in the program:

  • “Because we receive the eggs on time from farms within our community.”
  • Good! Well, I liked it! Look, I was one of the mothers who was not going to weigh, because I have 2 small children, but I am already going with this program, and that day we set it aside to go to the weighing.”

They are seeing the effects of the program in the child:

  • The strength is that it helps them with their growth and their weight. They grow better, they are more active, they play more and they no longer get sick.”
  • “They eat the eggs with love, because they like eggs”. 

Receiving eggs is helping their family economy:

  • I think it is to help a little the economy of the community, of the family, and that little help helps us to buy some medicine for the children or buy them some clothes.”
  • “…that little money you do not spend on the egg is used to buy other things to be able to eat…”

We are truly happy to know that our biggest allies, our “Mother Hens,” are onboard, and alongside them we can continue to make this project a success. All our mothers send thank you to all of those who have given to this project, to their children, to their communities and its future leaders.

We hope this report brought a smile to your face as it did to ours, we are only able to do this thanks to your continued support and generosity.

With gratitude,

Mariela Rodriguez

Communication Coordinator