"Part of their world"

This is a song written by one of the Dayton brigade members:
To Disney’s “Part of Your World”
21 July 2012, Dayton Ohio HS Brigade
Look at our lives; aren’t they neat?
(But) Somehow or other they’re not quite complete
Looking around here you’d say,
Sure, we’ve got everything
We’ve got muy cool hair gel a-plenty
And high tech track sneakers galore
Cavity-free teeth? More than twenty!
But who cares? No big deal… we want more
We wanna go where the people know
Know how to smile when they’ve got next to nothing
Loving their fútbol played barefoot
On hard-scrabble ground
We need to share what we have in life
Crayons, papers, pencils, puzzles…
(with) kids who walk 5 miles to school each day
on uphill ground
This is our chance
Chance to give back
Some of the things that we have that they lack
It only makes sense, Dad
We’re just not that dense, Dad
We’re part of their world
What would it take to give them a break
Just next to nothing
When push comes to shove, we get more love
Than we could ever hope to be given
Yes we’re knowin’
That we’re growin’
We understand
We’re part of their world