Scholarship Donation Match Alert

Dear Donorfirst,

GlobalGiving’s weeklong Little by Little fundraising for our scholarship students is happening from today until Friday. We are aiming to raise 25, $50 donations to provide a year scholarship for SIX high school students. ALL online donations up to $50 at 50% will be matched.

Meet Daniela, as a part of our grandfathered scholarship program, she received help to finish her high school and university studies. Daniela recounts how pursing a degree allowed her to learn important skills, “Life at the university taught me to be more independent in the sense that I had to be aware of my tasks and daily responsibilities… I always approached my teachers for advice when I didn’t know which class to enroll in and they were always guiding me so that my classes were in order.”

We need YOUR help to graduate more students and have them reach their potential like Daniela. Can you help us fund a year-long scholarship for 6 high school students? Any small amount helps because this week GlobalGiving is matching your donation!

Your $10 donation turns into $15.

Your $30 donation turns into $45.

Your $50 donation turns into $75.

We need you by our side to make this happen!

Thank you for giving the gift of a scholarship