What the Robotics Program Means to Edson

By Edson – High School Student on Robotics Team

Minsis and Edson

Minsis and Edson

This Thank You letter was written by Edson, a student member of the First Global Robotics Team of Honduras. During the whole process he had a positive attitude and willingness to work, and that led to him being chosen as the outstanding student of the team.My name is Edson, I am a member of the National Robotics Team of Honduras and I am a student at Guarajambala High School, in Concepción, Intibucá.

One of the things that motivated me to be a member of the team was the desire to learn about robotics, programming, and assembling robots. I was also encouraged by knowing that during the competition, I would be meeting many people from around the world, their traditions and culture, and that I would also be able to build some relationships with them.

Along the way, many challenges were faced — personal challenges, school challenges, and the competition itself was a challenge. But, what motivated me the most was the learning process we went through. I was present in every meeting we had, it did not matter if it was in person or virtual. We met all the challenges. I also knew that by the end I would have more knowledge and that I would be able to share it with the kids of my community so they could develop a love for robotics also.

The knowledge that had the largest impact on my life is programming. I was attracted to it right from the beginning — I wanted to learn more about its use, not only to program a robot but to apply it to real life, in areas of education and health.

I was so thrilled to be selected as “Outstanding Student.” My family rejoiced, and it has been the best prize I have received in my whole life.  I am very thankful because it is helping me a lot in my high school classes. I am a year to graduate and I am studying informatics. In the future, I plan to study Computer Engineering or Graphic Design, which has been my life dream.

I will always be grateful to you, Shoulder to Shoulder!