Help Carmen Purchase Hens

Carmen is a 48 year old widow.  Her husband died 5 years ago.  She has two older children, who moved to other parts of Honduras to find work.  That leaves Carmen alone with her 7 year old daughter.

Carmen’s older children live far away and have families of their own.  Carmen did not want to depend upon them.  So, 3 years ago, she borrowed money from her family to purchase a small pig and a few hens.  When the pig grew large enough, she sold it, and with the proceeds, she purchased another 2 pigs.  The eggs from the hens were sold to her neighbors.

Shoulder to Shoulder provided a $250 micro-loan to Carmen.  With that, she purchased 25 hens.  StS buys eggs from Carmen each month, so we can give 20 children “an egg a day.”  Carmen would like to purchase more hens, so she can sell the eggs to a local market.

If Carmen could purchase more hens, she could sell more eggs.  This would be a great help to her and her daughter.