Delivering Eggs During a Pandemic

By Laura Manship – Executive Director

Vicenta, Granddaughter, and Hens

Vicenta, Granddaughter, and Hens

Dear Friends:In the photo above, you will see a very happy business woman.  Vicenta raises chickens and sells the eggs to Shoulder to Shoulder (StS).  StS then provides the eggs to mothers who have children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years.  Vicente is happy because the project allows her to bring in much needed income for her family.

We are in the 4th month of our project, and are thrilled with our progress so far!  Celebrate our successes with us:

  •  25 women are raising hens.
  •  Provided micro-loans to 15 of the women, to help with start-up costs (total of $3200)
  •  Twice per month, 15 eggs are given out to 285 children (total of 8,550 eggs per month)
  •  At the end of each month, StS reimburses the women who are raising the hens (total of $1100)
  •  We are working with a professor at the University of Indiana, who is studying the effects of eating an egg per day.  We have enrolled 285 children in this study.  In addition, we have enrolled 200 children into a control group.  The study will continue until January 2022.

This project is a WIN-WIN-WIN:

The CHILDREN eat healthy eggs.

The WOMEN receive income from their hens.

The COMMUNITY benefits from the infusion of money StS pays the women.

THANK YOU to all of our supporters.  This project would not exist if not for your belief in it and your support.


Mothers and Children in StS Nutrition Project

Mothers and Children in StS Nutrition Project