Eggs: Enticing Mothers to Come to the Health Center

By Laura Failla Manship – Executive Director

Mothers, fathers, and children at health center

Mothers, fathers, and children at health center

For the past two years, we have been writing about two of the benefits of our “Hens Hatching Hope: Un Huevo Cada Dia” project.  Those are:(1) Eggs provide much needed nutrients to the target group of children from 6 months of age to 3 years of age; and

(2) The microloans, and StS’s purchases of eggs, help to sustain 25 women run small hen raising businesses.

Today we want to write about a third benefit of the project.  This is:  mothers (or fathers) can only receive their vouchers for 30 free eggs by attending a monthly health check up at their local health center. 

During this visit, not only do they receive the vouchers, but they are seen by a Health Promotor, who weighs and measures the child, and answers any medical questions the family might have.  If there are any medical issues, a consultation with the medical provider happens right then and there.  As an added bonus, health education presentations are also provided to the parents.

The local medical providers are thrilled that due to the Hen Hatching Hope project, there is an almost 100% attendance rate at these monthly visits.  Free eggs entice the mothers to come — but the education the families receive, and the medical care received, are invaluable assets to improving health outcomes for the 400 children in the project.

Thank you to all of our Hens Hatching Hope supporters!