The Robots and Kids are INSIDE — Thanks to YOU!!

New Meeting Space is Complete!

Catholic Relief Services gave us a grant of $10,000 — to build a small kitchen and dining hall for our school.  But, our vision was to have a large space — where the children could eat, but where we could also host Parents’ Meetings, school assemblies, and BUILD ROBOTS.

Thanks to YOUR DONATIONS, we were able to double the size of the space.  We now have a beautiful Meeting Space.

I was in Honduras in January, and I saw the new building.  I was very pleased.  My eyes were drawn to a framed photo on the wall of Paul and me.  I approached the photo, and was overwhelmed when the Parents’ Association told me that they had dedicate the space to the memory of my late husband, Paul.  Wow, Paul would be so touched and proud.

We could not have built this beautiful space if not for the help of donors like YOU.

Now, we can build our Robots inside!

Laura Failla Manship
Executive Director