University of Wyoming: Agua Salada June 30 – July 8

The University of Wyoming had a blast on the 2nd of their three yearly trips. They camped out, for the first time, in their newly finished Clinic in Agua Salada. The brigade came down in full force with 20 members ranging from Spanish majors and social workers to doctors, nurses and a dentist. In addition, one of the leaders was a midwife, and they had an engineer, Spanish teacher and a handyman fire fighter on board.
P7040372-1024x768 P7050382-768x1024 Over a span of 5 workdays they saw over 400 patients for medical consults, dentistry and via home visits including one in-home birth. In addition, the brigade worked hard teaching English classes, visiting schools, meeting with the local midwives and teaming with the community to plan the logistics of their new clinic. With all this work they still had enough energy to visit the local waterfalls and play soccer with the local kids. The community was sad to see them go and was so grateful that they decided to throw the brigade a dance party on the last night. The brigade was an over the top success and we are so excited to see them back in November! Thanks to all the members for their inspiring work and amazing enthusiastic attitude, we are eagerly awaiting your return!DSC_0521