Scholarship Student Places 2nd in Reading Contest

By Nely Vasquez – StS Educational Advancement Assistant

Carmen is 2nd place winner in Reading Contest

Carmen is 2nd place winner in Reading Contest

Carmen is a seventh grader in Hector Orlando Gómez Cisneros high school, in Magdalena, Intibucá. She is one of the many students who is able to stay in school, thanks to the assistance she receives from the StS Scholarship Program. As the coordinator of the Reading Competition, I had the pleasure of meeting Carmen and listening to her read to me. Of the 75 students who participated in the Reading Contest; Carmen came in 2nd place.Here, in her own words, Carmen explains how being a scholarship recipient, and receiving a computer tablet, have impacted her life.

I did not read before entering this Reading Contest, because I did not know reading was a thing l liked to do. More than a hobby, reading is becoming my passion.

While school was great, the rest of my life was not very easy. I am the child of a single mother so while mom worked, I had to stay at home with my grandparents and my siblings. They encouraged me to be a good student because they said it would bring benefits to my life. And so I did my best at school.

When I got the computer tablet for being a part of the scholarship program, I learned something really important. I learned that I love to read! Now I read to my little cousins, to my grandparents, to my siblings, and to all of my family. 

I am working hard to accomplish all the goals I have in life. My grades have improved a lot and what gets me motivated is knowing that my future matters to me.