My Recent Trip to Honduras

By Laura Failla Manship – Executive Director

Marela likes the daily egg she receives.

Marela likes the daily egg she receives.

Dear Friend:Greetings from Honduras.  I just returned to the US from a two week trip to Honduras.  I had a busy, but very enjoyable, time.

I was excited to go and visit two of the women who are raising hens, and two of the families who are recipients of the daily egg program.

  • Gabriela used the micro-loan StS provided to purchase hens and build an enclosure for them.  She currently has 30 hens.  With these hens, she provides 30 eggs per month to 20 children in the program.  Gabriela is not selling eggs to anyone else.  The extra eggs are eaten by her family (her husband and 5 daughters).
  • Reyna used her micro-loan to build an enclosure for her hens.  She currently has 150 hens, and has room to raise 300 hens.  She provides 30 eggs per month to 25 children.  Her husband takes the extra eggs and sells them to local stores.  He does not have a car, so he puts the eggs in cartons, and carries them on the back of his horse.
  • Wendy and her daughter (in the photo above) are very grateful to be part of the program.  Her husband works in the fields, and they have very little money.  Wendy feels that her daughter is healthier, now that she eats eggs every day.
  • Sarai is a 24 year old mother.  She has a 1 year old daughter, and they live with Sarai’s mother, grandmother, sister, and niece.  The family is very grateful to receive the 30 eggs/month.

We are in the 6th month of the program, and are very pleased with how it is going.

Thank you for your support,

Laura Manship