What We Learned in Honduras

A few words from the University of Wyoming brigade members and what they learned during their trip to the frontera:
1)     A very small part of a beautiful language
2)     The rule of unintended consequence
3)     A view into a brand new culture
4)     I can somewhat “rough it” in a tent
5)     It is possible to form connections without speaking the same language
6)     Why I continue to love world travel and experiencing new cultures and
7)     How to problem solve a little better
8)     The value of non-verbal communication
9)     To appreciate creativity and resourcefulness of others
10)    A little kindness goes a long way
11)    Development work is never as easy as it may seem
12)    Relationships are more healing than band aids (or stickers)
13)    How to be dirty and be “ok” with it
14)    If there is nothing, people won’t fight over it; but add anything,
worthless or not, and they will
15)    It I do ever adopt a child, I’ll have to consider a Honduran
16)     One of the greatest sounds on earth is children laughing
17)    Community should be community and not just where you hide out in your
18)    Everyone can do something to help others
19)   How much healing can be done without medicine…but Ben Gay helps
20)   Most things that are appreciated by people are similar across cultural
21)   Honduras is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited
22)    Honduran culture is one of the most unique and inspiring
23)    People are more alike than different

Brigade members in the clinic
Brigade members in the clinic